Famiglia Doro which means Golden Family in Italian. Is the Umbrella Brand to the Famiglia Doro Empire that houses, a one stop shop Multi-media marketing firm, restaurant, TV channel, clothing & more. Which was developed & designed to create sustainability for the alliance organization Save Our Schools 4 Our Kids Foundation & its overall mission. Famiglia Doro mission is to create Career pathways for our upcoming youth with all the tools and resources for life success.
Famiglia D’Oro TV is a 24/7 video and audio digital media live / On demand streaming platform where the LOCAL COMMUNITY is guaranteed air time, advertising spotlight slots to showcase their own produced media or branding campaign content freely. 
With No restrictions on locations ,gender, or age limit. Doesn’t matter
Whether you are from An Urban community, a big city, or the smallest town in Monowi, Nebraska with a population of one, anyone can be seen and heard any time and in the properly selected categorized place with their own show media content.
Founded in 2021, Famiglia D’Oro IV Artist Entertainment Empire is a first-of-its- kind 360-degree full-service multimedia firm specializing in solving problems and meeting the needs of all clients and customers in the digital age. We have a full array of brand marketing and design services, video production and photography, strategic communications, professional writing, and training services.
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