We had the opportunity to interview Tatia, a beautiful sensual multifaceted and gifted spoken word artist, House Musician, Entertainer and Fashion designer dressed in a royal deep purple, pink gold sheath with that #ChakaKhan sultry energy and glow. She was accompanied by her equally beautiful, sharply dressed partner. She shared her brand Butter House, from her West Coast designs, called The Motherland. “From @Snoop Dogg, @DrDre, @Too Short, @Ice Cube, I come from Hip Hop because that is the first form of spoken word. We are the storytellers.” She dropped some lyrics for us on Famiglia D’Oro TV.

“The Revolution shall be televised because it is all-the-way live because you are the Pharaohs of this great Motherland. We were bought and sold for our precious Black gold, so remember you always the Black Gold because you are the wealth of the land. We are the stronger man, right – so as we stand on the bones of our Ancestor’s past, know this, WE shall have the last laugh.” Tatia has a song called “Work of Art” dropping-in July.

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